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SIAL 2022* customer zone

Customer zone

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  • Log in to your SIAL 2022 Exhibitor area, with your login (e-mail address you gave us when you registered) and password.
  • In the case of a first connection, enter your email and click on forgot password to reset it.
  • Check and update your personal information.
  • Order your additional services (badges, invitations, power supply, etc.).
  • Order your communication tools.

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Are you a stand builder?
YOU WORK WITH A DECORATOR OR STAND INSTALLERS: To log on to SIAL, Exhibitor area, you must ask your client to grant you the access.
2 possibilities. The Exhibitor can:
  • Create an account administrator and define the access for him in "My account/My contacts". The decorator/stand contractor receives an email to be able to place orders online (on the Exhibitor's account). You agree, in doing so, to pay any order placed by them on your behalf.  
  • Declare the decorator/stand contractor using the form "Authorization for a service provider to order" (My account/My forms). A decorator's own account is opened and linked to the Exhibitor's Customer zone. The decorator can order independently. Orders will be invoiced to the decorator/stand contractor directly!
*(postponement 2020)